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Refuge Ministries Canada has been on 100 Huntley Street.

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Our Ministry Office Location

300 Colborne Street
London, ON N6B 2S6
Tel: 1-519-701-0108
Registered Canadian Charity #:
873837017 RR001

Just Released or
Need Addiction Help?

Call us at


Are you looking for Spiritual Support?

If you are on parole and residing in the community, contact contact our Community Chaplain Alan Campbell by phone at 1-519-701-0108 or
to set up a meeting.

If you are in a federal correctional institution talk to your  institutional chaplain for a referral.


Our Board

Ministry Director
Reverend Alan Campbell

Board Member
Reverend Tony Mejia

Board Member
Reverend Steve Swarath

Board Member
Troy VanDyk

Board Member
Deb Whitmore

Office Administrator
Destiny Whitmore