Pastor Peter W Cusick

St Thomas Pentecostal Assembly, St Thomas,Ontario

"I am writing in support of Alan Campbell and Refuge Ministries Canada. Alan’s passion for souls, and desire for ministry are very evident in his persona and presentations. Alan has worked successfully in helping our congregation focus on ministry opportunities in a local young offender facility. Alan was also very helpful, succinct, and successful in training our volunteers and giving adequate direction.

I have asked Alan on several occasions to come to our local church and share both his testimony and updates from Refuge ministries. I have found Alan to a person of integrity, warmth, kindness, and very cooperative. We have enjoyed our connections with this excellent man and admired greatly his vision and enthusiasm. We wholeheartedly support Alan and Refuge Ministries Canada."

Pastor Trent Antle

New Life Community Church, Belmont,Ontario

"Refuge Ministries Canada has a clear-cut vision to encourage, equip and nurture those imprisoned with a past, hoping to bring spiritual clarity to who they are in the present and the future.

Demonstrating the biblical command to visit those in prison, bringing freedom and hope to those that are captive is this ministries focus.

I indeed promote the ministries authenticity and intention to motivate and equip the local church to be a catalyst in serving people in this area of discipleship.

I would encourage churches to “Refuge Ministries Canada” to prepare them for the works of service to prisoners needing Christ’s identity.”

Pastor Darren West

Lead Pastor Real Life Church Simcoe, Ontario

“… I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Matthew 25:36


Reverend Campbell has answered the call to minister to, and meet the needs of those the Church has often overlooked or forgotten. It was our awesome privilege to invite “Refuge Ministries Canada” to help train, equip and prepare our volunteers for prison ministry. His approach to facilitate dialogue and engage our volunteers to develop clear strategies was not only refreshing but also very helpful.


I believe “Refuge Ministries Canada” is a ministry God has raised up to help equip the Church to marry together the Great Commission and the Great Commandment; “love God…love your neighbor”


Matthew 22:37,39.
If your church has a heart for prison ministry, I would recommend receiving Alan and his team to help equip you.”

Gilles Michaud

Manitoba Youth Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Alan is committed and persistent.  Nothing seems to deter him from his mission to reach out to the "unreachable".


He believes people can change because he has.  He is knowledgeable, resourceful, relates well with both youth-at-risk and staff members.  I have both been able to to observe Alan & his team minister to inmates, as well as participate as part of the team.  I've enjoyed and appreciated these opportunities.


The youth love a good, real life story that relates to their very own struggles and experiences.  Alan's story inspires hope and lets his audience know that there are people out there that do care and are willing to guide them back on the right path.  The Refuge Ministry team has visited us on several occasions and the youth always give Alan their respectful attention and are comfortable asking him questions.


Refuge definitely fits a need that not every person or ministry is effectively capable of satisfying.  I pray that Refuge Ministries Canada has many more years of fruitful ministry."

Chaplain Faron Hansen

Milner Ridge Correctional Centre, Beasejour, Manitoba

“Refuge Ministries Canada” came to “Milner Ridge Correctional Centre” April 29, 2016.


Alan and Stefan shared powerful testimonies of God’s amazing gift of life through Jesus Christ. Many of the inmate’s lives were touched by God. Brother Nelson lead a beautiful worship service time and Gilles showed the men that man’s strength is nothing compared to God’s.


On Saturday, they taught community members how to prepare to be volunteers in prison ministry in their communities and important things to remember for after-care.


They did a great job! Thanks again guys. God is good!”

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